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Sega's new mini consoles are gorgeous and filled with 16-bit gaming goodness.

Let's Look at the Sega Genesis Mini 2 and Sega Mega Drive Mini 2

The Sega Genesis Mini 2 and the Japanese model, the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2, launched a few weeks ago. Sega's latest mini console features more than 50 games, including several never-before-released bonus games. The Japanese console includes a slightly different lineup of games and a smaller controller. Sega also sells a mini Mega CD 2/Sega CD 2 for cosmetic use with the original or second Genesis Mini. We've got lots of photos of these brilliant mini consoles to share! 

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Take a close look at Taito's impressive miniature arcade cabinet and controllers.

Taito Egret II Mini Arcade Cabinet Exclusive Photo Gallery

The Taito Egret II Mini arcade cabinet has just launched in Japan; preorders for the non-Japanese version are scheduled to ship in May. With the English version still available to preorder from Strictly Limited and Games Rocket, fans of classic Taito arcade games have some time left to pick up a cabinet and accessories. Prices for the Egret II Mini start at $230, though. They're not cheap! We've got a Japanese model, so we'll show you what you're getting when you buy Taito's mini arcade cabinet.

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