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by Nick Puleo 6
  • pc

Streets of Rage Remake Shutdown by Sega Legal

The Streets of Rage Remake fan project we told you about last week has been shut down by Sega's legal department.  According to the game's official forums, "While this issue is being resolved, please do not upload the game for others to download. Any links posted on this site will be removed. Thank you.."  Of course, the cat is already out of the bag - so the proposed "damage" is already done for SEGA.  

by Andrew Gaskill 6
  • xbox 360

Halo Remake Looking More Likely for this Fall shed a little light on the worst kept secret in the gaming industry today.  Halo: Combat Evolved, the "killer app" for the original Xbox, is getting a remake.  Sources confirmed to, "...the re-release is not Bungie's 2001 Xbox game simply running at a higher resolution -- it's being remade with new art assets."  It appears Halo is getting more than just a high-def polishing:

by Katrina Pawlowski 9
  • xbox 360

[Rumor] Halo Franchise to Revisit Combat Evolved In 2011?

It's been a while since we've reminisced about the start of the Halo franchise, Halo: Combat Evolved - we are just too caught up in all of the excitement the series has brought on in the time since that fateful launch of the Master Chief, Cortana, and the Covenant - Oh, and the flood. It looks like the remake rumor mill has started to buzz around the head of Halo, and Microsoft isn't denying or confirming that just yet.

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