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A most ghoulish guardian arises

New Guardians of Middle Earth Character - Barrow-Wight Lord

Guardians of Middle Earth has been a very surprising title for the XBLA and the PSN. it has attempted, and in many ways suceeded, to bring the wildly entertaining world of MOBA to a home console. As a part of the season pass model, numerous guardians have been unleashed since the game made its debut. The latest addition to this cast of legendary heroes and villains is the Barrow-wight Lord. Here is the official description for the lord of terror:

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Get your Tolkien on!

Two Guardians of Middle-Earth Characters Featured, New LEGO LOTR Video Revealed

With the next Peter Jackson film, “The Hobbit”, arriving in theaters in a couple of months, now is a great time to reacquaint yourselves with the mystical world of Tolkien. Monolith Productions has released a video and a few new artworks of two more characters being featured in the future Xbox LIVE Arcade game, Guardians of Middle-Earth.

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