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LittleBigPlanet and Saints Row Sequels Already in Swing

  A short while after Saints Row 2 has hit the shelves - and before LittleBigPlanet was even available to play, the developers have let slip that respective sequels are already in production. Whether or not the new games will extend the co-op experiences that both have fairly successfully provided is unknown at this point, but rest assured...

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Guitar Hero: WT Instruments Broken Out of the Box?

It's like an echo through time of one year ago.  A major rhythm game with cool new hardware is released, and angry gamers find that their expensive plastic instruments aren't working properly.  This time, it's Guitar Hero: World Tour, though, and not Rock Band that's the culprit.  Joystiq reports that the most common problem seems to be broken cymbals, followed by drum heads and then the new guitar controller.  Unfortunately for GH fans, the Activision warranty isn't quite up to par with Rock Band's: players must ship back controllers at their own expense.  Hopefully, if the problem is indeed as widespread as Rock Band's were last year, they will change their customer service policies.  In the meantime, you might try your luck returning your gear to your local retailer.

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Fable 2 - Good, Evil and Glitches

Most games these days have bugs, glitches or problems.  So it should come as no surprise that a game as open and varied as Fable 2 has its fair share.  There are two major bugs in the game which can impede your ability to even complete it, and there are two glitches which help you become more rich and powerful.

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Co-Op Classics: Duke Nukem 3D

A few weeks back, we had a contest, giving away three copies of Duke Nukem on XBLA.  A nice bonus for the winners was the promise of playing co-op Duke Nukem 3D with the Co-Optimus staff.  Last Saturday night, one of the winners got together with us for some old school, one-liner spoutin' action.  Since Duke Nukem is such a classic, and features co-op, it's only natural that our report on the action would be the topic of this week's Co-Op Classics.

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