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Capcom Unveils Hunk Gameplay Trailer for Resident Evil Revelations

Capcom has released their latest trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations Unveiled Edition that features gameplay for one of the main characters, Hunk. Taking the Nintendo 3DS title and giving it an HD makeover, Hunk joins Jill Valentine on a cruise ship that of course is the site for the latest outbreak of the (insert letter here)-virus as they search for the missing Chris Redfield. 

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No gameplay, but that robot guy seems totally badass.

Sanctum 2 Teaser Trailer Drops Out of the Sky

The tower defense/FPS hybrid Sanctum turned more than a few heads when it was released in 2011. It got enough attention that developer Coffee Stain Studios announced a sequel the very next year and has been hard at work ever since, building the game's engine anew and incorporating loads of player feedback. Now, Sanctum 2 is being teased out in small doses, and the first delivery includes just enough eye candy to get our attention.

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Still some of the best pixel art around.

Metal Slug X Comes to iOS and Android

A sort-of-new release in the classic arcade realm, Metal Slug X is a remake of Metal Slug 2 that has been reworked for iPhone, Android and iPad devices. The game, which marks the fourth mobile Metal Slug release, features tweaked controls for the touch screen as well as altered enemy positions and maps, making it a much different experience than the game it's based on. It's also just one letter away from Metal Slug XX, which is totally not confusing at all.

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A Sale for Squeenix

XBLA Sale - 50% Off Square Enix Games and Content

The XBLA sale offering for this week is Square Enix titles. You can find a large assortment of Square Enix games as well as download content for select games on sale. Please not that not every item in the sale is exactly 50% off. For example, Deus Ex Human Revolution is 60% off at $14.99, while Kane and Lynch 2 is only 25% off at $9.99. Take a look at the full list of sale games below. Bolded games and content denote cooperative gameplay.

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