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Historical figures kicking butt at your fingertips

Second Chance Heroes Now Available on iOS Devices

You may recall us featuring an upcoming action-RPG style game a few months back called Second Chance Heroes. The game was looking for a PC audience and release through Steam's Greenlight program, which it still is. In the meantime, though, the development team at Rocket City Studios has decided to give the game a new home on iOS devices. Same great historical figure kicking zombie butt action, now in the palm of your hand.

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Someone hit the wrong button.

X-Men Arcade Game Vanishes from PSN, Stays on XBLA

Like one of Gob's little tricks ("They're illusions, Michael."), X-Men Arcade has been pulled from PlayStation Network without notice. The wacky thing is that it's still up on Xbox Live Arcade. Licensing issues? Excess of tachyon particles building up at Sony HQ? No official word has been released, so we're free to speculate and assume the worst!

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Abobo has missed you.

Double Dragon Trilogy punches its way onto iOS and Android

Have you ever been surfing the web on your fancy smartphone and suddenly been struck with the urge to rescue a pixelated beauty named Marian from the evil Black Warriors gang? Who hasn't! Finally, we can all satisfy those random desires with the release of Double Dragon Trilogy for iOS and Android. Grab a pal and take it to the mean streets of such locations as "factory" and "woods" as you fight to rescue your lady love. Spoiler: She gets shot and dies in the beginning of Double Dragon 2.

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Just set the geiger powerlantern to three already!

Spaceteam Introduces Cooperative Yelling to the Sci-Fi Genre

Tired of not yelling at your friends? Spaceteam gives you the excuse you've been waiting for! A party game for Android and iOS devices, this creative co-op title supplies you with sci-fi things to yell to the group while everyone scrambles to keep your ship flying. Work together as a space team, or you'll die as a space... non-team.

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