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The Co-Op Games of 2013 Preview
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The Co-Op Games of 2013 Preview

We look at this year's upcoming games

It's hard to believe we made it to 2013 unscathed, but here we go barreling towards a new generation of consoles.  Luckily your Xbox 360, PlayStation and PC won't be collecting dust as the first half of the year is just JAM PACKED with co-op games.  Electronic Arts comes out with the crown releasing four major co-op games in the span of 6 weeks.  Some long awaited co-op games also hit and the PC is filled with some smaller titles sure to satisfy their audiences.  Let's take a look at what 2013 has to offer for co-op gamers.



Anarchy Reigns (360, PS3) - Anarchy Reigns is a modern day beat em up with a focus on multiplayer but does feature a three player co-op survival mode.  [3 Player Online Co-Op] [Review]

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable (Vita) - A remake of the classic Xbox game with a fully featured online mode.  [4 Player Online Co-Op] [Review]

The Cave (PSN, Wii U, XBLA, PC) - Ron Gilbert gives us an original adventure platformer full of his trademark comedy and plenty of style. [3 Player Local Co-Op]

Dungeonland (PC) - A somewhat interesting mixture of Gauntlet and D&D, DungeonLand lets three players take on enemies in a theme park.  A 4th player can join in as a dungeon master for competition.  [3 Player Local and Online Co-Op]

Retrovirus (PC) - You've got six degrees of freedom in this indie shooter that puts players in control of an anti-virus weapon.  Play the campaign with a buddy either online or locally. [2 Player Local or Online Co-Op]



Dead Space 3 (360, PS3, PC) - Can a horror game have co-op?  Oh noes says the internet.  We say otherwise.  [2 Player Online Co-Op]

Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (360, PS3) - I'm not sure what's going on this game, but they look absolutely fabulous beating the crap out of each other. [2 Player Online and Local Co-Op]

Aliens: Colonial Marines (360, PS3, PC) - It's game over for the Aliens as we team up in four player co-op and spout as many quotes from the series as possible.  [4 Player Online Co-Op and 2 Player Local Co-Op (console)]

Alien Breed (PSN, Vita) - What's old is new again as the classic game is polished up for the modern age.  [2 Player Local or Online Co-Op - Cross system play too!]

Omerta: City of Gangsters (360, PC) - Strategy?  Check. Gangsters?  Check.  Simulation?  Check.  Nucky Thompson?  TBD.  Two co-op scenarios are available to players.  [2 Player Online Co-Op]