The Co-Op Games of 2013 Preview - Page 3

The Rest of 2013

The rest of 2013 features a whole lot of unknowns, unconfirmed, and well, it's just plain empty.  It seems the impending next-generation of consoles has put the announcements of whatever is going to happen in the Fall of 2013 as a virtual no-show.  There's a few games to speak of for co-op fans, but for the most part it's a barren desert that'll only be satiated by new expensive hardware and the games that come with it.


Dynasty Warriors 8 (PS3) - No details yet on the sequel other than we'll be jumping in with over 70 characters to choose from.  So far it's a PS3 only affair.  [Co-Op support unconfirmed]


Dragon's Crown (PS3, Vita) - Dragon's Crown is a co-op brawler from Atlus and developed by VanillaWare.  Slick visuals and hopefully tight controls will make this appealing in an otherwise empty summer.  [4 Player Local and Online Co-Op]


Splinter Cell: Blacklist (360, PS3) - We're still waiting for more details on the next Splinter Cell's co-op, but we do know the game has some sort of co-op mode.  Hopefully we'll see the same campaign treatment we saw in Splinter Cell: Conviction.


Monaco (360, PC) - Bank heists have never been this fun as players jump into different classes and try to avoid being busted.  This one should be hitting sometime this spring, but a solid date hasn't been confirmed. [4 Player Local or Online Co-Op]

Earth Defense Force 2025 (360, PS3) - There's nothing more satisfying than killing thousands of bugs and robots with buddies and a beer.  [4 Player Co-Op]

Disney Infinity (360, PS3, PC, Portable) - Taking a play from Skylander's, Disney is mixing toys with games and making an addictive drug.  Franchises mix in this adventure game. [2 Player Local Co-Op, 4 Player Online Co-Op]

Divinity: Original Sin (PC) - A fully featured RPG featuring co-op combat and conversations.  It's ambitious and if it works, it should be very rewarding.  [4 Player Online Co-Op]

Brother's In Arms: Furious 4 (360, PS3, PC) - Unsure if we'll see Gearbox's next title this year, but if we do it promises to offer some solid co-op gameplay with players dropping into different roles in a bit of an over the top scenario.  [4 Player Co-Op]


And that's it for now.  Bring on the PS4 and the Next Xbox!

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