The Co-Op Games of 2013 Preview - Page 2


SimCity (PC) - SimCity is being reborn as an online game where players can specialize and share resources.  I'll be the city with the biggest red light district.   [16 Player Online Co-Op]

Soul Sacrifice (Vita) - It's like a portable version of Dark Souls, Luckily this isn't developed by FROM Software, so hopefully you won't be "invaded" while playing this on the toilet.  [4 Player Online Co-Op]

Gears of War: Judgement (360) - The only thing we'll be judging is how quickly this lives up to its predecessors - especially when Gears of War 3 was so fully featured.  [4 Player Online Co-Op]

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (360, PS3) - BRO!  Did you see that mask BRO?  The series takes a serious turn with two new "heroes."  [2 Player Online and Local Co-Op]

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (WiiU, 3DS) - The popular Eastern series returns with cross platform play and plenty more monsters to kill.  [4 Player Online Co-Op, 2 Player Local Co-Op (Console)]

FUSE (360, PS3) - Insomniac's first foray into multiplatform has been a long time coming but squad based co-op combat could be satisfying with their history of zany weapons.  [4 Player Online Co-Op, 2 Player Local Co-Op]



Painkiller: Hell and Damnation (360, PS3) - Classic FPS shooting with plenty of things to shoot and the infamous "stake" gun - which sounds like a food, but only if you shoot it at a cow.  [2 Player Online or Local Co-Op]

Dead Island Riptide (360, PS3, PC) - The surprise hit is back with a full fledged sequel adding in more intense battles and more strategy and of course, more bikini clad zombies.  [4 Player Online Co-Op]

Star Trek (360, PS3, PC) - Kirk!  Spock!  Co-Op!  BROS!  Will there be lens flares?  One can only hope as the game inspired by the Star Trek reboot hits this spring with the character likeness from the JJ Abrahms movies. [2 Player Online and Local Co-Op]

Defiance (360, PS3, PC) - It's sort of an MMO, but without the annoying subscription fees.  Plus it ties into a real life TV show.  [16 Player Online Co-Op]

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