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December Co-Op Monthly Round-up
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December Co-Op Monthly Round-up

Here is the final roundup for 2008.  Despite December being somewhat of a slow month we put out a slew of great content for everyone.  Be sure to check out some of the links below to see what you may have missed!

2008 Co-Op game of the Year Awards
2008 Co-Op Year in Review
Win Rock Band 2 with Goozex
Co-Op Couples: Play, Play, Pass: The Fun of Letting Go
Great Moments in Co-Op: Left 4 Dead’s Horde
Billy's Soapbox: User Created Content
Great Features in Co-Op Gaming: Online Co-Op
Call of Duty: World at War is Missing Save Option in Split Screen Co-Op...We're Not Amused
Great Moments in Co-Op: Getting the Junker in Gears of War
Co-Op Couples: Let's Take a Break This Week in Co-Op: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Co-Op Classics
Dungeons and Dragons Tower of Doom
The Punisher

Episode 9: Rimshot Please!
Episode 8: We Suck at RTS's
Episode 7: The Story is Surprisingly Good

Gift Guides
PlayStation 3
Wii and DS
Xbox 360

Puzzle Arcade
Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer
Shaun White Snowboarding Co-Op Review
Sacred 2
Beyond Co-Op Reviews: Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, Farcry 2 and More

Aliens: Colonial Marines Could Be Next Left 4 Dead
Castle Crashers Patched
Realtime Worlds Comment on Crackdown 2 Rumors
Prototype Co-Op Officially Done. Never Gonna Happen.
Ghostbusters Trailer

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