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Sniper Elite 3 Trailer Shows Off Co-op Modes Overwatch and Survival
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Sniper Elite 3 Trailer Shows Off Co-op Modes Overwatch and Survival

This ain't Stalingrad, but it may be just as bloody...

Rebellion showed off an all new Sniper Elite 3 trailer recently, focusing mainly on the multiplayer and co-op modes. For sure, players will be dying to play them on day one, if not for the co-op alone.

The classic sniper vs sniper scenario goes full swing, pitting players against one another in a cross-fire of silent killing. The question is: who can be the most cunning, resourceful, and skilled at the headshot? While the multiplayer is enticing enough, we're here to witness new footage of the dedicated co-op modes the game will feature: "Overwatch" and "Survival". Check out a small bit of the trailer to get a sense of what to expect:

In "Overwatch", two players work together to assault enemy encampments. As a pair, players use stealth to approach the enemy and spotting to help each other land critical headshots. It is key to work as a team, otherwise things can become much trickier to pull off. "Survival" is a standard Horde Mode-like gametype, fighting off waves of gunman and using the environment to your advantage. Pick the best vantage points as possible and watch each other's back to stay alive!

We can't help but think of the legendary WWII sniper, Vasily Zaytsev, when watching these trailers from Rebellion. If "Enemy at the Gates" action is what they were going for in this game, then they seem to have nailed it here. We'll have to wait and see when Sniper Elite 3 arrives in North America this coming July 1st. PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC versions will be available. For our hands-on impressions of the game, please refer to our previous article here.