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Sniper Elite 3 Patch Live Making Co-Op Play Available on DLC
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Sniper Elite 3 Patch Live Making Co-Op Play Available on DLC

Lots of tweaks and fixes to boot, console patch coming soon.

A new patch is out now for Sniper Elite 3 on PC that allows co-op play in the two available DLC missions: "Hunt the Gray Wolf" and "In the Shadows." Both sets of DLC previously were only available in single player despite the main game featuring co-op play through the entire campaign.

While the PC version of the patch is out already, the console version of the patch (which contains additional console only fixes) isn't expected to hit until at least August 11th. Because the patches need to go through various processes before being launched on the consoles, Rebellion is unable to give an exact time as of now. The good news is the patch will address connectivity and crashes in co-op and multiplayer - something that many console users have complained about.

Below are the fixes available in the patch on PC:

  • Profiles now determine the highest XP of both the local and steam-cloud profiles on startup to try to avoid loss-of-progress. 
  • Steam cloud now stores the player profile as well as save games. 
  • Fix a potential hang on the Sniper Elite 3 logo screen due to corrupted stats in profiles. 
  • Multiplayer: Fix an instance of player invulnerability in multiplayer matches. 
  • Multiplayer: Join-in-progress now takes the player to the lobby to allow character and loadout selection rather than pulling them directly in to game. 
  • Multiplayer: Chat box less likely to cut off really long strings and chat is available even if only one person is in the lobby. 
  • Co-op: Cancelling body searches no longer slides the player on the other machine. 
  • Co-op: Fix music on client machine to correctly trigger based on AI state. 
  • Weapons are less likely to randomly stop working (most prominent in multiplayer but possible also in co-op/single-player) 
  • Improved shooting while flinching somewhat. 
  • Saves in DLC missions no longer require loading twice. 
  • Discouraged ragdolls from breakdancing. 
  • Don't play killcams on ragdolls. 
  • Decals now rendering on DirectX 10 graphics cards. 
  • AI armed with a panzerschreck and a pistol are now slightly less confused about which weapon they should be using, and the panzerschreck now does slightly more damage to the player. 
  • AI vision slightly improved in difficulties other than Easy (so sub 30m and sprinting players should be seen more easily). 
  • Fix for an animation glitch when mounting a turret. 
  • Ribbon images in the service record should be displaying again. 
  • Fixed binoculars, grenades and trip mines in the "Hunt The Grey Wolf" mission as they'd mysteriously lost their textures. 
  • Aim assist tutorial now hidden if aim assist is disabled. 
  • Scopes for the Springfield rebalanced, as is the MP44. 
  • MP40, Sten and Thompson ranges rebalanced, and Sten damage increased. 
  • An "escape from environment" exploit closed on Hellfire!

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