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Bungie Reveals September's Content for Destiny
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Bungie Reveals September's Content for Destiny

Vault of Glass

Destiny is finally here and the opinions on whether or not it delivered on what it promised are mixed. The good news is, Bungie is committed to weekly free content updates for players while they wait for the larger premium DLC packs. The first of those content updates have already hit this past weekend, with a new PvP game mode. But what about story and co-op content? That hits today with the game's first raid.

Called the Vault of Glass, the raid is designed for six guardians to take on "their greatest challenge yet" on the planet Venus. The level recommendation? 26. Remember, this game hasn't even been out a week and the first piece of content they are adding is for folks past the soft level cap already - which can take up to 30 hours to achieve depending on how well you played your bounty cards and mission selection. 

We'll have our review of Destiny up shortly. We'll be streaming some Destiny tonight on Twitch. And you can also check out the co-op FAQ for Destiny.