Meet the Celebs in the New LEGO Batman 3 Trailer
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Meet the Celebs in the New LEGO Batman 3 Trailer

The fame game

With less than a month to go until the release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, you better crack on with the other 5 or 6 LEGO games that are piling up in your backlog.  If need any more incentive to get ready for the third LEGO Batman outing allow some celebrities to encourage you.

The term celebrity is used a little too liberally in the modern vernacular; being on a reality TV show does not make you celebrated in any way.  However, as mentioned a few days back, the likes of Conan O'Brien and Kevin Smith have actually done something in their lives.  They are voicing themselves in the upcoming LEGO Batman 3 and talk about this in the new trailer for the game:

LEGO Batman 3 is out November 11th on almost every platform that currently has new games being released for it (sorry Dreamcast fans, that does not include you).  It will have the 2 player local co-op that has made the LEGO games a Co-Optimus staple for years.