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Dive into The Dark Below In Destiny's New Trailer
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Dive into The Dark Below In Destiny's New Trailer

So dark. So below.

So you've already conquered the Vault of Glass and you've roughed up Atheon so many times he's practically given you an entirely new wardrobe. What is left for a Guardian and his robot pal to do? Luckily, Destiny's first expansion, "The Dark Below" jump-jets onto consoles the 9th of December. Guardians of all ages can enjoy a fistful of new content ranging from story missions, crucible maps, special weapons, and of course, the new raid.

Remember that last trailer? The really ominous one? Well forget all that noise. Here to detail this hot new X-PAC is everyone's least favorite, overly mouthy hunter, DrCrispy93. Seriously. This guy is like all the arrogant jerks you've ever met distilled into one dude and crammed into space armor. He tricked out his cool speeder bike with flames. That's the kind of person we're dealing with. Check out the trailer.

Well, that was embarrassing. I always thought Destiny's tone was pretty somber. This guy is treating the end of the universe like a great place to lay mad game on some ladies. Music's cool, though.

If you're tired of running the same content over and over again, you might wanna look into "The Dark Below." The $20 entry fee nets you all the aforementioned content, along with more aesthetic options for your Guardian. Whether or not that's a good deal entirely depends on your feelings about Destiny as a whole.