Dead Island 2

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Dead Island 2 Beta to be PS4 Exclusive for First Month
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Dead Island 2 Beta to be PS4 Exclusive for First Month

First 30 days of beta for eligible PS4 owners only

While the launch date of the Dead Island 2 beta still has yet to be announced, publisher Deep Silver has revealed that the first 30 days will be exclusive to PS4. This means that PC and Xbox One owners will have to wait a month longer than the PS4 counterparts.

PS4 players are certainly getting some extra love, between this and PS4 players getting a fifth extra character class. The only currently known way to have access to the Dead Island 2 beta is to have preordered Escape Dead Island, a spin-off game in the franchise. It's quite a different beast than Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. Hopefully more ways to get into the beta will be announced in the future.

As previously announcedDead Island 2 has some differences from previous installments. First off, it has a new developer (Yager, developer of Spec Ops: The Line, has taken over from previous developer Techland) and 8 players can play online in co-op (up from 4).

The release date of Dead Island 2 is still to be announced, but we'll keep you posted on details about both the beta and the release of the game.



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