Outriders PC Specs Videos Lays it all Out
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Outriders PC Specs Videos Lays it all Out

You want options? We got options.

Outriders, the three player co-op game from studio People May Fly, was recently delayed a few months for some added polish. That hasn't stopped the steady stream of content though to keep fans appetite while they wait. A demo will be available on the game's original release date with the ability to carry over progress to the full game. Now a new video is showcasing all the bells and whistles of the PC version.

A press release from publisher Square-Enix mentions the game is really targeting options so that players can maintain a consistent 60FPS. If the video is any indicator, there's plenty of things to choose from and tweak - everything from FOV to dynamic resolution support.

OUTRIDERS features an extensive suite of advanced display options for players to tweak their setup to get the most out of their PC, along with support for 13 languages, UI customisation options, full cross-play across all platforms, ultra wide screen support, Dynamic Resolution Scaling to ensure performance stays solid, and full NVIDIA DLSS support.

The best news for co-op fans is the total cross play support between all six platforms, meaning you should never have a problem finding a co-op buddy. We'll definitely be checking this one out next month.