Amplitude Reveals 'ENDLESS Dungeon' Gameplay and Development Secrets
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Amplitude Reveals 'ENDLESS Dungeon' Gameplay and Development Secrets

Will it really be endless, though?

SEGA and Amplitude Studios' ENDLESS universe consists of multiple games such as Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless. The next game in the series will be ENDLESS Dungeon, which is totally a different game than Dungeon of the Endless. It's actually a greatly expanded spiritual successor set in the same universe, which we learned from a pair of newly released videos. It will feature 3-player local and online co-op and it's coming to consoles and PC, so there's plenty of reason for excitement.

Like Dungeon of the EndlessENDLESS Dungeon is a Roguelite tactical action game. The chief differences between this one and its predecessor are the visuals and the combat. The graphics have changed from a 2D pixel art style to isometric 3D. It certainly looks a lot more realistic and immersive. As for the combat, it now uses twin-stick shooter controls (AKA the best type of controls for this style of game).

Here's the first gameplay footage:

ENDLESS Dungeon features:

  • A brand spankin' new story in the Endless Universe: A space station that went to the dogs a long time ago. Some folks have been marooned here for decades—it's up to you to figure out what's happening, how (and if) you might get out...
  • Opening new doors for the rogue-lite genre: Behind every door is something that's nasty, new, and different. But if you've got the right turrets, the right iron for the right target, well you might just live... to open the next door.
  • Recruit your suicide squad: Round up your posse from a roster of peculiar characters and see if you can get to the core of the station in one contiguous piece. Control the whole squad by your lonesome or test your survival skills with friends in multiplayer! 
  • Crystals are forever: You're gonna mostly be concerned about the health of a rock. Which you'll be carting with you along the way. Get ready to defend the crystal at all costs!

To learn more about how ENDLESS Dungeon works, check out this new development video:

ENDLESS Dungeon will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, Switch, and Steam. It will feature 3-player local and online co-op. No release date has been announced. Sign up for a free character skin when the game releases at

Update: This article originally described ENDLESS Dungeon as having 4-player co-op, based on the game's Xbox store page. Sega has confirmed that the game is actually 3-player co-op, not 4-player, and the description on the game's store page has been fixed.