ENDLESS Dungeon Gets a Non-Endless Delay, Will Now Arrive in October
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ENDLESS Dungeon Gets a Non-Endless Delay, Will Now Arrive in October

Gamers will have to wait a few more months for the highly anticipated sci-fi Roguelile.

We've been waiting a long time for ENDLESS Dungeon, the upcoming sci-fi Roguelike from Sega and Amplitude Studios. First announced back during the innocent days of the year 2020, ENDLESS Dungeon is a very promising mixture of third-person shooting, tower defense, and Roguelite mechanics. It will also feature 3-player online co-op, making it pretty much irresistible to connoisseurs like us. Alas, the game has now been delayed from May to October, so we'll have to make do just a bit longer.

Like Dungeon of the Endless (a 2014 game set in the same universe), ENDLESS Dungeon is a Roguelite tactical action game. The chief differences between this one and its predecessor are the visuals and the combat. The graphics have changed from a 2D pixel art style to isometric 3D. As for the combat, it now uses twin-stick shooter controls (AKA the best type of controls for this style of game). The player team must guard and escort a Crystal Bot while scavenging for resources and items, as well as fending off hordes of enemies.


According to Amplitude Studios, the release date delay will allow them to polish the game and incorporate feedback from the community (we just attended a press preview event in March). The developers will be fine-tuning the following:

  • Meta Progression: in the past OpenDev “Final Rodeo” there was a feeling of randomness when unlocking it, now we are moving to a more player-driven unlock scheme, so it feels more rewarding to players.  
  • Economy: we are tweaking the economy in the game slightly. We want the 3 resources (science, food, industry) to all feel important to avoid the feeling that “industry is king”. The scarcity of resources is important so that your decision of what to invest in feels impactful.
  • Balancing in general: there are a lot of elements in the game (beverages, heroes, upgrades, monsters, etc.), that require a lot of feedback, which is why the playtest with the community is essential.
  • And other things, such as more variety in the districts, improving the multiplayer, onboarding new players, etc.

For more information about the delay, see the developer blog. Check our recent hands-on preview for plenty of gameplay impressions.

ENDLESS Dungeon bonus skins

Delays are never pleasant for gamers or game creators, but it's certainly important for ENDLESS Dungeon to launch in the best possible state - especially after nearly four years of development! Amplitude will be giving out 3 extra costumes to gamers who preorder or buy the game during the launch window.

ENDLESS Dungeon supports 3-player local and online co-op. It will launch on October 19 on XboxPlayStation, and Steam. A Switch version will also be released. The regular edition will sell for $29.99, whereas "The Last Wish Edition" will cost $39.99. Included in the more expensive addition is: 48-hour Early Access, 'Die-Hard Elite' Skin Pack (3 hero skins), 'Reckless Squad' Digital Artbook, and Digital Original Soundtrack ft. singer Lera Lynn and composer Arnaud Roy.