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Reservations Open for Taito Egret II Mini Arcade Cabinet From Strictly Limited Games
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Reservations Open for Taito Egret II Mini Arcade Cabinet From Strictly Limited Games

Reserve a chance to buy this feature-rich mini arcade cabinet and accessories.

Near the end of last year, Strictly Limited Games announced that it would be distributing the Taito Egret II Mini arcade cabinet outside of Japan. Little else was revealed at the time, but that all changes today. Reservations are now open for the Egret II Mini (which comes with 40 classic arcade games) and its accessories, though a release date remains elusive.

The Egret II Mini is a miniature arcade cabinet that features:

  • A total of 40 pre-installed games, including classics such as Space InvadersLunar RescueBubble BobbleDarius Gaiden, and many more
  • 5-inch 4:3 rotating screen (1024x768 resolution) for horizontal and vertical alignment and an optimal adaptation to the selected game
  • HDMI output, 2 controller ports, and an SD card slot to add even more games
  • and more!

Two retailers will be selling the Egret II Mini outside of Japan, each offering different options. Prices do not include shipping.

Games Rocket

Strictly Limited Games

  • EGRET II mini - Arcade Cabinet Blue Edition ($369.99): This very special package will include the EGRET II mini - Limited Blue Edition, plus the Paddle and Trackball Expansion Set that comes with a controller and 10 additional games on SD card. On top of that, retro fans get a set of mini instruction cards, a special TAITO/ZUNTATA anniversary soundtrack, and a strategy book. 

  • EGRET II mini - Game Center Blue Edition ($499.99): The most extensive edition that includes all the content of the Arcade Cabinet Blue Edition plus the other two available optional EGRET II mini controllers and even more awesome physical collectibles.

Prices are slightly higher than ordering from Amazon Japan, especially given that shipping costs on these non-Japanese editions haven't been revealed yet. At the moment, each storefront simply allows customers to place a reservation for free. When preorders actually open up, people with reservations will get the first shot at ordering the Egret II Mini and accessories.

12 of the 40 games included on the Egret II Mini feature co-op, and two of the 10 games included with the Paddle & Controller Expansion have co-op as well. The Egret II Mini will release in Japan on March 2. The non-Japanese versions will probably launch at a similar time. We'll let you know as soon as we learn more!