WayForward's Spidersaurs Has Escaped Onto Consoles and PC
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WayForward's Spidersaurs Has Escaped Onto Consoles and PC

Grab a friend for run-and-gun fun in this Contra-style shooter.

We've been so excited for WayForward's new run-and-gun shooter, Spidersaurs, that we interviewed the developer ahead of release day. Spidersaurs lets players arm up and blast away at a variety of freaky dino-spider hybrids. It's a deliberately cartoon-like concept that allows for colorful characters and levels, not to mention widely varied and unique monster baddies. Spidersaurs has finally launched on all major platforms, complete with 2-player local co-op.

In Spidersaurs, the questionably benevolent InGest Corp has genetically engineered a huge array of dinosaur/spider hybrids as a new miracle food supply. One day, things go awry, however, with the titular creatures turning on their creators and threatening to run amok. Only a pair of human volunteers (one a punk guitarist and the other a police cadet) whose abilities have been enhanced by eating Spidersaur meat can step in and save the day.



  • Intense, Saturday-morning-cartoon-style action for one or two players — complete with theme song and epic intro from Powerhouse Animation!
  • Two distinct playable characters: punk rocker Victoria and officer-in-training Adrian!
  • Unleash awesome firepower — everything from spread guns and lasers to detonating footballs and bass-heavy electronica! Twelve weapons in all!
  • Explosive environments including volcanoes, jungles, laboratories, and more!
  • A menagerie of unique and terrifying Spidersaurs to battle!
  • Unlock new abilities as you advance through the InGest Corp facility!
  • Three difficulty settings: Well Done, Medium, and Rare!
  • Unlockable arcade mode and speedrun mode!
  • Soundtrack by legendary Japanese composer Harumi Fujita!
  • From the developers of Contra 4!

Spidersaurs costs $19.99 on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam. We'll have a full co-op review soon. In the meantime, be sure to read our developer interview!