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Yars: Recharged Co-op Review
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Yars: Recharged Co-op Review

Two bugs take the fight to the enemy homeworld in this clever update of the classic shooter.

Atari and AdamVision Studios have spent the last few years producing modern “Recharged” versions of classic Atari games. Yars: Recharged is a new but faithful sequel to Yars’ Revenge, the Atari 2600 shoot ‘em up from 1982. This one casts one or two local players as the insect-like Yars who must shoot and bite their way through an army of evil aliens in an attempt to save their species from extinction. Whether or not you’ve played the original game, Yars: Recharged is a fun and addictive shooter.


The Co-Op Experience: Arcade and Mission Modes support local co-op. While both players work together to destroy the cores during each level, only one player can use the Zorlon cannon at a time. In Arcade, if one player dies during a level, that player will be revived if the other player completes the level. Co-op progression in Mission Mode is separate from single-player progression.

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