Dead Rising 2

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Dead Rising 2 is Out Today
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Dead Rising 2 is Out Today

If you're looking to get your zombie killing fix, and lets face it, who isn't - today's co-op release is right up your alley.  Capcom's Dead Rising 2 finds its way to North American store shelves complete with online two player co-op.  The reviews around the web are starting to trickle in, we'll have the Co-Optimus one on Monday, but overall they've been pretty positive.

The main draw for the Dead Rising 2 is the new weapon building component, allowing you to combine different items you find throughout the game world to create new super weapons.  Chainsaws and a boat oar?  Yup.  Machine guns and a teddy bear?  It has that too.

While there's many improvements to both the save system and gameplay, the restricted time element does make a return.  What does that mean?  There's simply not enough time in the game to do everything in a single play through - survivors will perish.  It is the zombie apocalypse after all, you aren't Superman.

There's a few versions of the game available - the Zombrex edition on the 360 and PS3 will set you back $79.99 (pictured above) and there's also the normal edition priced at $59.99 on the 360 and PS3.  PC owners get a $20 break in price and can purchase it digitally from Steam or Games for Windows On-Demand for $39.99.

Of course there's also the exclusive "High Stakes Edition" available from Capcom as well.

Whatever version you pick up - we can't wait to slaughter zombies with you!