• Online Co-Op: 4 Players
Sanctum Update Adds in 4-player Co-Op
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Sanctum Update Adds in 4-player Co-Op

Sanctum, the hybrid FPS/Tower Defense indie game we reviewed a few months ago, has had 4-player co-op in the works for some time now at the behest of players. An update for the game just went live which implements it as promised, upping the co-opability from 2 players to 4. Also added were "co-op build and upgrade towers" (no idea what those are, but don't they sound fancy!) as well as some additional modes, settings, achievements, and UI tweaks. For full patch notes, read on.

  • Added support for 4 players in co-op!
  • Added Endless Singleplayer mode!
  • Added Limited amount of waves in multiplayer!
  • Added Turbo Mode! Added more Achievements!
  • Added co-op build and upgrade towers!
  • Added Ping in Server Browser
  • Added option for server to kick players
  • Added option to see full games in Server Browser
  • New and improved HUD arrows!
  • Improved GamePad support!
  • You can now "Ping" by right clicking in the overview!

On top of this, a huge amount of general bug fixes, performance optimization and balance changes has been made.