Even Indiana Jones is Excited for Uncharted 3
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Even Indiana Jones is Excited for Uncharted 3

What could quite possibly be Drake's biggest adventure yet is a mere week away. That's right, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception hits store shelves next Tuesday, November 1 and I for one can't wait to see what's up with that smoking plane in the background. Developer Naughty Dog has brought out out the big guns in anticipation of the game's release, and we're not just talking about another launch trailer...

Ok, so first, there is a launch trailer, which is pretty amazing in its own right.

This next video, though, is one of those "Sony is starting to get this advertising thing down" deals. This video made the childhood and adult versions let out a whoop and a holler and do a little dance around the room. Sony invited Harrison Ford to play some of Uncharted 3 and captured his reactions to the game.

Look at him! He's just enthralled by it! I wonder if Indy digs co-op...

While the news of a required Online Pass put a bit of a hamper on the excitement of the co-op aspects of the game, Uncharted 3 certainly is shaping to be a great fall release.