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Download Diablo III's 'Starter Edition' Tomorrow for a Free Trial Version
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Download Diablo III's 'Starter Edition' Tomorrow for a Free Trial Version

Watching trailers and gameplay footage are great ways to scope out a game, but wouldn’t you like to test Diablo III out yourself before you invest? Blizzard has you covered. Players are now able to try out the long-awaited game without having to purchase it first.

Arriving in stores tomorrow, Diablo III is one of the most anticipated PC titles of 2012. That being said, we would want every gamer out there to try the game at least once. That’s where Diablo III’s “Starter Edition” comes into play. The Starter Edition has around the same amount of content as the beta does, allowing gamers to play Act 1 all the way up to the Skeleton King with a max character level of 13. Players will also be allowed to use the Matchmaking mode, but only will other Starter Edition players and without the ability to use the Real Money Auction House.

To try out the Starter Edition of the game tomorrow, a downloadable version can be found via Battle.net (Click this link for more Starter Edition info). Just a friendly reminder: players will only be allowed to access the Starter Edition with a Guest Pass for the first 30 days of Diablo III’s launch. All copies of Diablo III will also contain free Guest Pass keys.

Also announced for the official website was the impending launch of the Diablo III Character Profiles. These are used to track and show off your Diablo III progress, as well as being able to see your personal heroes and their equipment/skills. This will be an easy way to monitor your overall progress without having to boot up the game.

Even if you decide to hold out on Diablo III for a while longer before purchasing it, there are plans to add more content to the Starter Edition, such as adding tabs to show your artisans and achievements. Still, give the Starter Edition a try and see why players can’t wait to get their hands on this game Tuesday.

Source: Eurogamer.net