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Our Weekend in Gaming - Click*Click*Recon Edition
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Our Weekend in Gaming - Click*Click*Recon Edition

Yup, we're still playing Diablo 3.  But what's this?  Another game I see.  Oh yeah, Ghost Recon Future Soldier looks to make an appearance.

Nick "bapenguin" Puleo (@NickPuleo) - "Ghost Recon Future Soldier will eat what little gaming time I have.  Otherwise it's trying to wrap up some BSA development."

Mike "Pheriannath" Katsufrakis (@Pherinnath) - "Diablo 3, of course! Well, that and attempting to fix my PS3 that gave up the ghost last night."

Marc "DjinniMan" Allie (@DjinniMan- "Mostly Diablo 3 this weekend, but also some Rayman Origins and some board gaming as well."

Andrew "Cubninja" Gaskill (@Cubninja) - "Since Atlus have once again extended the lives of the Demon's Souls servers, I'm shelving that adventure. Instead I'll play Diablo 3, Prototype 2, and Max Payne 3."

Jason "OrigamiPanther" Love (@JLove55- "AWAY!"

Paul "EastX" Acevedo (@SegaCon- "Sonic 4: Episode II, some Kinect games, and maybe Ghost Recon Future Soldier if there's time."

Eric "smurphster" Murphy (@smurph_em)- "Tonight, I'm hoping to play some Payday: The Heist during CGL's co-op night. The rest of the weekend will be spent breaking blocks and building a castle."

Sam "Samoza" Tyler (@reelsamtyler) - "I'll be playing Dragon's Lair XBLA for review in co-op as well as starting out on Max Payne 3."

Locke Vincent (@LockeVincent- "I'll be using my arm-swords and leg-saws to run amok in the city while I play Prototype 2 for a Beyond Co-Op Review. If things go well, I'll double my efforts and run Merzalof the Wizard through Act 2 of Diablo 3. "

Tally "xelissa" Callahan - "Moooore loot - I mean, playing Diablo 3."

Chris "The Lemko" Metz (@The_Lemko- "Most likely some Minecraft. I have been thinking about purchasing the full version of Fez too. Is the game worth it, I'm not too sure... Leave a comment telling me if it is or isn't, peeps!"

How about you, Co-Optimus Community?  What will you be playing this weekend?