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PC Version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier Plagued with Horrendous Issues
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PC Version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier Plagued with Horrendous Issues

Ubisoft is in the process of investigating numerous bugs with PC Future Soldier

Latest in "News Which Shocks No One," yesterday's release of the PC version of Ghost Recon Future Soldier has not gone over well for Ubisoft. The version is currently suffering from a crippling amount of bugs. What kind of bugs, you ask? Well, my friend, they range from the somewhat understandable framerate issues and resolution errors to the facepalm-worthy Xbox 360 buttons being prompted in the interface to the absolutely appalling non-recognition of mouse and WASD controls. Wait, what? 

In our last news post about the game, we had a nice list of the key features for the PC version. Now let's check what it said here:

Playable with keyboard and mouse, or with wired and wireless X360 pads

Yup, that was definitely listed. And it's definitely not the case for many players right now. All jokes aside, while you might say that PC gamers should probably feel fortunate about getting any version at all, this is hardly the version fans probably wanted. Ubisoft's history of late has been tumultuous with PC gamers, to put it kindly, and this can hardly be making matters any better. The good news is that Ubisoft is listening to feedback from the users and investigating the issues. They also released a day-one patch yesterday, which fixed some issues like connectivity issues, but did nothing about the controls.