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At Last, Co-Op Footage and Screens of Mighty and Delightful Platformer Pid
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At Last, Co-Op Footage and Screens of Mighty and Delightful Platformer Pid

We've known that Pid, the 2.5D platformer from Might & Delight would feature 2 player local co-op since first catching wind of the game. But only the single-player mode was on display at E3, so we didn't get to see or try out co-op for ourselves. Thankfully the developers have finally published a co-op-specific video and screenshots that demonstrate just how 2-player works. The trailer features catchy music as always, though no hand-drawn animation this time around.

Kurt, the protagonist of the game is a young boy stranded on an alien planet. He looks a bit like Ness from Super Smash Bros and Mother, don't you think? I've long wondered whether or not the second player would be a nameless recolor as in Kung Fu Strike and many older games.

As it turns out, she is officially named Aubrey. That's right, a female character - perfect for co-op couples who can handle playing through a challenging platformer together. In multiplayer mode, each character gets just one beam of light to work with instead of two, so cooperation becomes key.

Pid Co-op yellow background

Pid brings its uniquely-designed 2-player co-op mode to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network later this year... Hopefully Might & Delight hurries up and announces the exact release date soon!

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