Sacred Citadel

  • Online Co-Op: 3 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 3 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Sacred Citadel Video Shows Off Brawling Warrior
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Sacred Citadel Video Shows Off Brawling Warrior

Ancaria Was Rocked by Blind Guardian, Now Bops to Dubstep

Publisher Deep Silver is most well-known for their co-op zombie killing ARPG, Dead Island, and the upcoming sequel-ish/spin-off Dead Island: Riptide. However, they are also responsible for the recent revival of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and the forthcoming side-scrolling brawler that's set in the same universe, Sacred Citadel. This cooperative adventure seems to promise all the fun action you yearn for from the "golden" age of gaming, but perhaps minus the frustration, with some slick visuals to boot. In the latest video, we get to see these visuals in full effect as Deep Silver presents the Safiri Warrior... and some dubstep.


Still no word on when the game will be available for download, but we're definitely looking forward to playing it. I hold out hopes that the levels will feature remixed versions of Blind Guardian's greatest hits.

That would be... wubly.