Guardians of Middle-Earth

  • Online Co-Op: 5 Players
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Guardians of Middle-Earth Gets XBLA Date Confirmed
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Guardians of Middle-Earth Gets XBLA Date Confirmed

Plus new character profiles

While the initial release date announcement for Guardians of Middle-Earth illicited some confusion, with only a PlayStation Network and retail date being announced, we've now gotten confirmation of the Xbox Live Arcade release date.  The game will be out on December 5th, the day after the PlayStation Network release and will be priced at $14.99.  It'll launch with two maps and 20 guardians to choose from.  

We've got two new guardian profiles for the MOBA below.  


Class:  Tactician


Black Land Banner: Trap that draws Enemy fire
War Machine: Trebuchet that fires at Enemies
Grond's Blow: Rush attack with Knockup, Damage and Stun
Rain of Doom: Area attack that Damages Enemy units and Structures






Class: Warrior


Hammer Throw: Damages and Slows Enemies with ranged attack
Dwarven Valor: Reduces Controlling Effects and Damage
Lethal Blow: Causes True Damage and Roots Enemies
Durin’s Wrath: Reduce Resistances, Knocks enemies into air




I used Thrain quite a bit in our hands on time with the game during PAX and he was my favorite character.  Sadly I couldn't talk about him in detail because he hadn't been announced yet!

Guardians of Middle-Earth features five player online co-op play in a traditional MOBA like game built for consoles.