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Each of the three major consoles of this generation has a significant library of classic games available at the push of a button. Nintendo's Virtual Console includes dozens of great titles from throughout Nintendo's history.  Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network often include classic games in their release schedule, as well. While Nintendo's classic offerings are generally straight ports of the originals, classic releases on the HD consoles often have a few extra bells and whistles like enhanced display options, leaderboards, or bonus content.

Perhaps you'd like to take your classic games on the road? A whole host of titles are available for download for the handheld systems, including the 3DS, PSP, and (soon) for the newest portable, Sony's Vita. From the NES to the PS1 and many in between, you can get your classic gaming fix on the go. You might even be able to snag a version of your favorite retro co-op game for your phone, whether it's of the iOS, Android, or Windows Phone variety.

The PC might be the greatest platform for vintage gamers, though. Though we've been playing games on computers for decades now, it can often be tough to run older software on new systems. Maybe you've held on to your beloved copy of Hexen for years, but will it run on a PC made almost two decades after it was released? (Maybe, if you get your config.sys set up right.) Now, you can just download your favorite old PC games from services like Steam or Good Old Games. Most games are fixed up to run just fine on modern PCs, so you can get right into the action without messing with your Sound Blaster settings.

Yes, dear reader, it's a new golden age of sorts for classic gaming. Hundreds of fantastic titles from the past are easily available, and most are quite reasonably priced. With a wag of the controller, the click of the mouse, or a swipe on a screen, you can be enjoying your favorite co-op classics in seconds. The internet may be most famous for cat videos and social media sites, but it has had a huge impact on the classic gaming hobby as well.