Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume C: Special Edition Celebrating the 100th Issue - Page 3

The Elder Scrolls Online

  • MMOCO Editorials: Staff Impressions, Core Game
  • Release Date: April 2014
  • Availability: Still available
  • Duration: Over 5 years (on PC and Mac)

The Secret World

  • MMOCO Editorials: Original Core Game
  • Release Date: July 2012
  • Availability: Still available as the Secret World Legends
  • Duration: Almost 7 years, if you count the Secret World Legends to be a continuation

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

  • MMOCO Editorials: Core Game
  • Release Date: September 2008
  • Availability: Shut down December 2013
  • Duration: About 5 years

Wild Buster

  • MMOCO Editorials: Core Game (Early Access)
  • Release Date: Early Access December 2017
  • Availability: Still available as “Champions of Titan”, removed from Steam
  • Duration: Over 1 year


World of Warcraft

I hope you enjoyed this look back over the years. For the header image for this issue, I thought Lord of the Rings Online was appropriate, since it was the focus of my very first issue and the game that inspired this column. If you're an MMO player, I hope you're having a wonderful time enjoying the co-opportunities of your chosen game.