MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CVII: Guardians, More Dragons, and Character Advancements - Page 2

Dragon Raja Releases New Cinematic Trailer
Archosaur Games has released a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming mobile MMORPG, Dragon Raja. Based on a series of Chinese novels with the same name, the MMO will have a large open world, distinct character classes, real-time combat, an in-depth character creation system, and a built-in voice chat system.

Dragon Raja will release via the App Store and Google Play in February in the NA and EMEA regions.

DC Universe Online Celebrates 9th Anniversary
DCUO’s 9th Anniversary is this month! To celebrate, all players will get one free Character Advance to CR255 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, or CR100 on Nintendo Switch. The Character Advance comes with some starter items as well as the new Hera’s Strength 2020 gear suit. Once you have equipped it on a character, players can unlock this gear suit on all of their characters through Style Unlocking.

To receive the Character Advance, all players need to do is log in anytime between January 31st, 2020. Once received, they may redeem it immediately or hold onto it for a later date. Members (subscribers) received a bonus gift: a Member Appreciation Gift Box. This gift box contains a Member Gift Artifact Cache, Artifact Catalysts, XP, Seals, and the full set of the newly released Royal Chroma Materials (21 variant/color combinations in total). Materials allow players to swap out the texture/material of any gear style for a new one.

That rounds it up for this issue of MMOCO - the first one of the new decade. Happy New Year, everyone!

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