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For our Battlefield 3 versus affair we played  16 vs 16 on the "Metro" map which takes place in Paris.  This is the only multiplayer map seen to date, but this was the latest version of it running on the beta of Battlefield 3.  The PC version is simply drop dead gorgeous.  The colors, the contrast, the animations - everything about it immediately jumps off the screen at you and makes you want to play it.  As always the audio of the game is stand out too - numerous times our team talked about determining the enemy direction thanks to audio queues. 

The really great thing about the Metro map is it's almost three maps in one.  You'll start outdoors with a large environment and two locations to attack or defend from the enemy.  It's a more strategic affair with the player classes being forced to work together and plan out an attack.  If the attackers win, the battle moves indoors to a subway where the fighting moves to a more intense close quarters combat.   Because of that the intensity really ramps up a notch.

Look how intense I am!  Photo Credit Rick Kim 

The final phase of the map moves to a hybrid of the first two sections.  Out of the subway is a city street flanked by numerous buildings.  Wide open fighting takes place in the streets while enemies can take you down from the buildings...or the fighting can be inside the buildings in close quarter combat as well.  

All in all it's a very solid Battlefield versus map, though there's only one vehicle available in it.  We played dozen rounds or so until our time was finally over and we sadly had to leave Battlefield 3 behind.  

All in all the Community Event was a lot of fun and it was great that the EA team focused on just letting us play the game.  With less than two months to go till the game's launch you can fully expect the hype to ramp up for EA's biggest release this fall.  

We want to thank EA and Seeson for inviting Co-Optimus out to PAX to play Battlefield 3 and building our interest further in the game and its two player co-op mode.  Also a special thank you to Off Duty Gamers, Gunnar, Razer and ASTRO Gaming for providing the attendees with some goodies.

Full Disclosure:  EA covered all expenses related to this event including hotel and airfare to Seattle.


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