Co-Optimus - Interview - Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Console Version Interview

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes

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Co-Optimus: In the local co-op mode, can a player bring their single player character into the co-op game? If so, will the experience and items earned in co-op transfer back?

Mario: That’s actually one of the differences between Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and most other games that also offer a multiplayer experience. There is no differentiation in our game as to single player or multiplayer characters, each game is essentially a virtual single player experience to which others can be invited or that the player’s character can leave to join another’s experience. A character can simply play in one’s own campaign or jump into the campaign on others, all seamlessly. The experience, loot, and money the character earns stays with the character regardless of game mode or how it was earned and regardless of whether it was in a cooperative multiplayer game.


Co-Optimus: What advantages will players have when playing co-op vs playing solo?

Mario: Asides from the social aspects that make exploring and fighting monsters with an assortment of skills and with friends, there may often be situations where a monster or situation is too tough for a single player until that player has more experience. By inviting friends to help, sometimes that can be overcome, although monsters do tend to look at overall party composition and strength and dynamically level up or down to keep things challenging.


Co-Optimus: Do the enemies scale in difficulty and numbers when playing co-op?

Mario: Yes, they do.

Co-Optimus: The trailers for the game show large scale battles. What are the most amount of enemies players can fight at once?

Mario: I’m not sure that there is a real physical limit. Dozens of enemies can certainly be fought at one time with plenty of replenishments and reinforcements. But different enemies also employ different tactics. Some may realize your character or party is too powerful and only defend themselves if attacked. Others will wait for their own allies to arrive and once they think they have enough forces, will attack.

Co-Optimus: What's the coolest or most exciting thing you've seen happen in Co-Op?

Mario: I truly enjoy the balance of the different characters and how unique each is. While it’s fun to play as a single player and try different characters, it’s also nice to see a sampling of the different characters and how the interact and complement each other. Firing off some massive chained combat arts in coordination with your buddies is a ton of fun and unleashes some serious eye candy and devastation in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.







Thanks Mario Kroll from cdv for your time, and thanks for Lila Yee from Relate PR for setting this up!

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