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by Taylor Killian 1
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Fly swiftly on the wings of angels, old friend.

Battleforge is being Retired October 31st

Crack open an ice cold Old English and pour it directly onto the street. The MMORTS Battleforge is going offline permanently October 31st of this year. It's always a bummer every time an MMO closes its doors for good. No matter how many people still play in the end, there is an excellent chance that folks made allies and built friendships in game. Not to mention spending countless hours grinding for greater rewards that they will never see again.

by Tally Callahan 2
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BattleForge Gets an Expansion Complete with Lost Souls and Twilight Factions

BattleForge, EA Phenomic's card-trading-meets-RTS game, has received another expansion entitled the Lost Souls Edition. As you might recall, BattleForge is a free-to-play game where you can purchase BattleForge points for real money which you can then use to buy booster packs in-game or use to trade with other players for specific cards via an auction system. The Lost Souls Edition introduces 120 new cards, 28 of which are from the Twilight and Lost Souls factions (14 of each), previously only seen as enemies in the game.

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