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No pain, no brain.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Zombie Squad

Zombies are back in, apparently?  After nearly a decade of being the en vogue antagonist for games, books, comics, and movies, I kind of figured people were more or less over the undead phenomenon.  As it turns out, though, I was dead (heh) wrong.  Luckily, the Co-Opticrew has jumped into action and are spending the weekend mowing down the newly risen hordes of putrid brain-eaters.  Their skills may be rusty, but that's nothing a few light machine guns can't fix.

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Relaxing, but not.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Working Vacation

The bosses are all gone this weekend, so the Co-Opticrew is gonna get wild.  After we finish some errands and take care of a few lingering work items, that is.  Also, there are some minor repairs that probably need to be taken care of.  I'm pretty sure there are a few bills that need to be paid as well.  We may as well run to Home Depot while we're out, just in case we need anything.  After that's all done, though?  Buck. Wild.

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Special events for BDO and FFXIV, teasers for ESO\'s next chapter

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CVI: Holiday Events and Skyrim

The holiday season is upon us. Snow is falling, the indoor fires are crackling, and everyone is ready to take a nice long break from work! The season typically means holiday-themed events for MMOs. For this month’s MMOCO round-up, we look at some special events for Black Desert Online and Final Fantasy XIV as well as information for The Elder...

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I can't believe I haven't made this joke before.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Jason's Addiction

The Co-Opticrew has finally broken free of Destiny 2's iron grip... for the most part, anyway.  There's still a lingering sense of Stockholm Syndrome, but we're beginning to branch out, breathe the fresh air, and remember that other video games exist.  We've got a pretty solid mix of old and new titles planned for the weekend, so good/nostalgic times should be had all around.

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A sleek update to an old favorite

Blue Yeti X Review

While there are no shortage of quality headsets and microphones to use while gaming these days, it can be a daunting task to jump from the "general gamer" to "aspiring streamer"; or in my case to "I have to professionally represent a website and sound somewhat respectable". There are quite a few products on the market ...

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