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Landing “Soon”

Starbound Set to (Finally?) Head to Xbox One This Year

In a recent update on the Xbox Wire site, the team at Chucklefish spoke about bringing Starbound from the PC to the Xbox One. In the post, Chucklefish touches upon the different technological challenges as well as the hurdles of bringing a story to a sandbox game. If you are a fan of Starbound currently or looking to take to the stars when the game comes to Xbox One ‘Later this year’ the article breaks down the thought that goes into making a successful game more accessible.

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The Universe beckons once more.

Starbound 1.0 Release Rapidly Approaches

You and your swarthy seven person crew have battled across the galaxy. Creeping around hostile bird-person ruins, mining alien deserts for their precious resources, and vaporizing everything that runs at you with the urge to kill has only served to strengthen the bonds of you and your posse. However, you soon realize that the universe is a lot more narrow in scope than you expected, so you and your friends return to Earth and convert your space ship into a novelty food truck specializing in fajitas or something.

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