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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

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Star Wars III provides the most epic enemies of any LEGO game so far

My final issue with the game is about TT’s ambition being their own downfall.  It is clear that with every new LEGO game they try to tweak the gameplay and add new features so that the audience feel they are getting something fresh.  This time TT introduce a strange RTS style set of levels.  Similar in style to Halo Wars, you are given a set of bases and must take out the enemy’s bases.  You can spend LEGO coins on building weapons, tanks or troops and send them into the battle.  When two players are onscreen this quickly becomes a confused mess, the dynamic screen tearing you apart and hundreds of enemies all around.  The mode is too complex for a huge chunk of the LEGO market; children will just ignore the building element and fight, fight, fight.  By introducing too much complexity you could end up with one co-op partner actually trying to progress the level, whilst the other walks around whacking stuff.  Therefore, the game really needs at least one experienced player to be able to complete it – an adult and child, rather than two young children.  A shame for families with more than one younger child.

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is another step in the evolution of the LEGO series.  Improved graphics, epic level design and co-op elements mean that it is a great game for 2 players to tackle side by side.  However, the time draws near for the LEGO game franchise to think of revolution; their incremental changes fail as often as succeed.  Without the well known setting of the Star Wars films themselves, this game loses some of the magic of the series and the inclusion of a RTS section will be too complex for some, whilst too simple for others.  The game is still worth getting for fans of the series and first time LEGO players, but is a dip from the very best the series has had to offer.  By aiming for the stars in terms of new gameplay ideas, TT have only managed to hit the moon - but that's no moon...


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