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Don't throw out your 3DS just yet!

Gather Your Yo-Kai And Battle Bosses With Friends in YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS

While the Switch may be the main platform of choice for Nintendo these days, they haven't forgotten about their other portable system, the 3DS. On September 7, the action-RPG variant of their popular Yo-Kai Watch series, called YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS, will be making its way to our shores and you'll be able to team up with three friends to take down bosses with your collection of spirits.

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Monster Hunter X gets a nice and neat English localization.

Get Your Hunter Arts Ready for Monster Hunter Generations

It's barely been a year since Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate made its way stateside, and to be honest, I'm still playing it. The series became something of a surprise hit outside of Japan thanks to the intensive effort put in by the localization team. Naturally, when Monster Hunter X was released in Japan last year, North American gamers had three words on their mind: us next plz?

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A name that rolls off the tongue

Toukiden Kiwami PS4 is Mission Go

You say potato, I say Toukiden Kiwami.  This may not be the easiest game to pronounce, but it is made by the people behind the Dynasty Warrior franchise and for fans of strategic mash-em-ups that can be no bad thing.  Those with long memories may remember the Vita version of the game, but as of March 27th 2015, it will also be available on PlayStation 4.  A new mission trailer and pre-order info have been released to whet your appetite. 

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