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Canceled Mission - Bad Company 2's Onslaught Mode for PC Canned

Shazbot. Battlefield: Bad Company 2's co-op afterthought mode, Onslaught, will not be coming to PC, after all. Althought DICE has claimed that they are working too hard on making Battlefield 3 "the biggest launch in DICE's history", I wouldn't be surprised if Onslaught's somewhat low profitability was a major factor. The download-only title Battlefield 1943 has also been canceled on PC, which is no surprise; the hype for it is pretty much dead in the water now that Bad Company 2 has been on shelves for nearly a year.

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Battlefield: Bad Company Co-Op DLC is Xbox Live Member's Choice

The votes have been tabulated, and the results are in: co-op rules.  A few weeks ago, Xbox Live Gold members had the chance to vote for their choice of potential deals on Live content.  The deal with the most votes was the DLC for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, including the 4 player online co-op addition, Onslaught mode.  Starting on October 18, this pack will be available for 400 MS points, or $5.  If you've been holding off on this awesome addition to the game, perhaps this deal will be enough to sway you.  It's nice to see a co-op piece of content rising to the top of the polls!

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To Each His Own...Screen

Gamasutra user Isaiah Taylor - featured numerous times recently for his popular blog postings - earlier highlighted a back-of-the-box trend that causes the Co-Optimus community a fair amount of distress: the decline of split screen and shared screen co-op.

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