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Europe gets it sooner because Europeans love two things: football and Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Coming to Switch Next Year

Here's a surprise: a Bubble Bobble sequel will arrive soon. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is coming to the Nintendo Switch and will support four player couch co-op. The original is, apparently, hugely popular in Europe so if you live there, you'll be getting the game first on November 19, 2019. Fans in the U.S. will need to wait until sometime "first quarter 2020" to play.

by Katrina Pawlowski 3

On The Download Issue 15: The Test Drive

Admit it, there are a lot of games on the market, and not a lot of time or money to go around. You really want the most bang for your buck, but who do you trust to give you the best possible recommendation. We give you our reviews, as well as other sites, but who should give you the final say-so?

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Co-Op Classics: Bubble Bobble

Halo.  Diablo.  Gears of War.  Each of these franchises feature co-op, and each of them are legendary.  They are also violent, grim, and gritty, for the most part.  For Co-Op Classics today, we will look at a co-op game at the opposite end of the spectrum.  There are no bullets, demons, or chainsaws in the world of Bubble Bobble.  But you won't care, because there is some top notch co-op here.

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Bubble Bobble Sends Your Wii Into Cuteness Overload

As I'm sure you are aware by now, we here at Co-Optimus are fans of all things cute.  Rainbows, Care Bears, Little Sack people, we love them all.  However, we were missing perhaps the ultimate in cute: itty bitty huge-eyed dinosaurs who blow shiny bubbles!  This oversight will be corrected soon, though, as it looks like Bubble Bobble is headed to the Wii.  A new Bubble Bobble game has been announced for the Japanese WiiWare service, according to GoNintendo.  It is unknown whether the game will make it overseas, but as fans of the cute n' cuddly co-op dinosaurs, we certainly hope it does.  Do you suppose any fan edits with darker, gloomier dinosaurs will be forthcoming?

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