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Nintendo Direct Shows Off Two Co-Op Titles, Dark Souls Amiibo

Yesterday, Nintendo held one of their occasional "Nintendo Direct" events and revealed a few new things that will be heading to the Switch and 3DS over the coming months. While the one announcement that's probably got most folks excited is the new Super Smash Bros coming sometime this year (and hey, maybe it'll have co-op like the past few), our ears perked up at the mention of co-op in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

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Breath a sigh of relief, Nintendo fans: the Wii U is speeding up!

Upcoming Wii U System Update Will Greatly Reduce Load Times

Most would agree that the Wii U loading screens haven’t been the most convenient for gamers. However, Nintendo is doing major work to improve on their system and remedy the situation. An upcoming Wii U system update will help to fix problem and speed up the load times between menus and returning to the home screen.

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Ready for an all new online experience from Nintendo?

Nintendo Explains the Wii U's User Account and Online Systems in Video

Nintendo’s explanation of the Wii U’s online voice chat options has left somewhat of a sour taste in our mouths, but gamers shouldn’t count out the Wii U’s online functions just yet. In a new instructional video released by Nintendo, Satoru Iwata explains the layered Wii U online system, bringing gamers up to speed for day one of launch.  We’re going try our best to explain the Wii U’s online system as simple as we can for all of you, so pay attention and let us hit you with some knowledge.

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