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Three NES co-op classics for just five bucks a pop

Co-op brawler classics River City Ransom and Double Dragon series now available on Xbox

Earlier this year, Arc System Works released the Double Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle for modern consoles and Switch, bringing heaps of NES beat ‘em up goodness to Sony’s console. It looked like Xbox owners would be left out of the fun, but that has thankfully changed today. Seven of the games from the Retro Brawler Bundle are now available as $5 individual downloads on Xbox One. At last, Microsoft fans can play Double Dragon II, Double Dragon III, and River City Ransom in local and online co-op! While the Xbox Store page does list Double Dragon as having co-op, since this is the NES version of the game, it actually does not offer cooperative play - instead it's a two player versus mode.

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Fund the Fists

River City Ransom: Underground Now on Kickstarter

River City Ransom set an early precedent for how a brawler should control and feel. Utilizing RPG and twitch based mechanics to tell the emotionally charged story of high school students Ryan and Alex beating the stupid out of frat guys and jocks to rescue a pretty lady, River City Ransom is something of a cult classic among gamers of the 8-bit generation and beyond. Developer Conatus Creative aims to give this highly cherished game a sequel worthy of its heritage via Kickstarter.

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Discover the first sequel to River City Ransom

Co-Op International: Downtown Special

Co-Op International has already looked at the little-known Japanese Turbografx CD version of River City Ransom. This time we return with a River City Ransom sequel/spin-off that was never released outside of Japan. Downtown Special – Kunio-Kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou! for the Famicom (Japanese NES) looks and plays even better than River City Ransom, but it takes place in Japan. And thanks to the magic of an English translation patch, anyone with an NES emulator can fully enjoy it.

by Andrew Gaskill 2

River City Ransom Gets a Sequel

Pop quiz!  What do classic co-op brawlers, RPG elements, sequels, BARF!, and a little male nudity have in common?  If you said River City Ransom, you are a winner!  If you said Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, stop being pretentious.  And if you said my house on Tuesdays, stop spying on me!  Naked D&D Spaceballs Punch Club Tuesdays are sacred.  That's beside the point.  River City Ransom, the old school brawler, is getting sequel for home consoles and PC.  It should be out for home consoles this summer with a PC release coming in 2012.  

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