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Grab some co-op games from PSN's Sale of the Dead to get into the Halloween spirit

PSN Two-Week Sale on Tricks and Treats

Playstation Network has started up a two-week-long sale on spooky games and movies as befits this time of the year. Each week will have a slew of Halloween-esque sales: up to 65% off for everyone, and up to 80% off for PS Plus members. And the good news is that there's a healthy dose of co-op games included in the sale!

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Hitting the books once again

New DLC Available for Silent Hill: Book of Memories

It looks like a new DLC has arrived for Silent Hill: Book of Memories on the Playstation Vita. The game came out in October of last year to lukewarm reviews. Far from the best Silent Hill game in the series, it was more of a radical experiment involving the Silent Hill mythos. We reviewed the co-op experience of the game some time ago, giving the the title an average score.

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So it's like a diary...but with scary people in it?

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Interview Offers Insight Into the RPG

The Silent Hill games have traditionally been a survival horror adventure.  But the latest game in the series, launching around the time of the new Silent Hill movie, will diverge from familiar roads.  Silent Hill: Book of Memories is an Action / RPG for the PlayStation Vita with four player online co-op.  The isometric game plays a bit like a Diablo title, but still tries to retain some of the horror elements.  So how does the game scare the player if they power level themselves?  Breakable weapons at the most inopportune times.

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Fire axes everywhere

New Screens for Silent Hill: Book of Memories Feature Dual Wielding Co-Op Action

Ever wanted to hack and slash, ARPG-style, through a Silent Hill game with three friends? Now you can! Well, not now, but come Halloween, you can get your co-op on with some friends and brave the horrors of Silent Hill: Book of Memories. We have some dark and dingy new screens for you. If you look close you can see inventory elements, puzzle pieces, and weapon durability on display. Here's a hint: if your weapon icon turns red, it's about to break.  

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Silent Hill: Book of Memories is now due in October

The Sound of Silent Hill Slipping to October

Hello Co-Optimus my old friend, I've come to talk to you again.  I come bearing bad news that came in a vision, whilst I was sleeping (that or from a Destructoid posting).  PS Vita owners expecting Silent Hill: Book of Memories in May will have to have a rethink - it ain't happening.  The first clue was when Amazon changed the game's release date from the already slipped date in May to October 31st.  Now Konami have confirmed that  gamers will have to wait several more months to get their greasy mitts on the 4 player online co-op title.

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Beyond Co-Op Reviews - April 2012: Silent Hill Downpour, Street Fighter X Tekken and more!

As we come closer to the end of April, the staff has posted another batch of Beyond Co-Op Reviews in our user blogs section.  This month we have a wide variety of titles to look at, from the small and downloadable Wizorb, to the franchise mash up of Street Fighter X Tekken.  We also have a review of Army Corps of Hell listed here because we haven't been able to check out the game's co-op mode properly yet.  Here's the full list of our reviews this month.

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