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Your next-gen headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless Headset Review

By my count, we are approaching close to 100 headsets evaluated on this site in our 13 years of existence. Needless to say we've seen all makes, models, and varieties - from wired stereo headsets to fully wireless surround sound monsters. I'm at the point now where I know exactly what features I want to hear in a pair of cans for my ears. And let me tell you - the perfect headset still doesn't seem to exist. 

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Lurk in the shadows with a friend. Well that's not creepy...

See New Stealth Title Aragami in Action

Ninjas.  Exactly what's not to love about these dark, cunning warriors of the night?  They scurry along rooftops making nary a sound, slice and dice with surgical precision, and poof into thin air leaving ninja-smoke in their wake.  You can partake in these wholesome activities and many more in Aragami, an action stealth title from developer Lince Works.

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Wait, no. That's a hobo.

Look Behind You! It's Stealth Inc 2 Going Multi-platform!

Charging in all "guns blazing'" is fun and all, but sometimes you need the satisfaction of stealing some corporation's secret documents (or what have you) and escaping with the dopey guards being none the wiser.  Previously, Stealth Inc 2's own brand of sneaky satisfaction was exclusive only to Wii U owners.  Developers Curve Digital have decided to spread the love, though, and the game has been announced for release on a whole slew of platforms.  

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