Path of Exile

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by Mike Katsufrakis 2
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Hmm. Needs more skill trees.

Path of Exile Co-Op Impressions

As the resident Action-RPG expert around these parts, I felt it was my duty to cover Path of Exile during Free to Play Week, so here we are. Grinding Gear Games, an independent outfit from New Zealand got tired of the dearth of ARPGs being released at the time (back in 2010) and decided to put together one of their own. Of course, the moment they s...

by Tally Callahan 9
  • pc
  • online
Free to play ARPG with high level of character customization enters open beta

Path of Exile Begins Open Beta

Path of Exile, a PC Action RPG, entered open beta today. The servers were wiped clean of all closed beta characters just a few hours ago, and there should be no more character wipes, even when the game officially launches. While similarities to Diablo II and other ARPGs can be clearly pointed out, Path of Exile stands apart from the crowd in several ways, including its unique skill system where skills are attached to gems (not the characters) and can be modified with other gems.

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