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Battle the J3 Golem in the Jordas Precept Update for Warframe
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Battle the J3 Golem in the Jordas Precept Update for Warframe

PC only for the time being

The new frames, new weapons, and new everything continues to roll on for everyone's favorite space ninja action game, Warframe. The latest update, titled "Jordas Precept," arrived for the PC version just last week and brought with it all the usual stuff these updates seem to contain.

Here are all the big ticket items from the update:

  • New Warframe, Atlas - a Tenno with earth-based elemental powers. Punch foes with Landslide, create cover with Tectonics, turn enemies to stone with Petrify, and summon two brawlers to fight with you using Rumblers
  • New Weapons - melee fist weapon, Tekko; a laser cannon/gun, Convectrix; gun that shoots sonic blasts, Sonicor
  • New Archwing Weapons - the Kaszas and the Phaedra
  • New Quest, Jordas Precept - attempt to save a ship as it is getting overrun by the Infested
  • Boss Overhaul, J3 Golem - fight the boss in space now using your Archwing

If everything goes as these things usually do, PS4 and Xbox One players can expect this update to hit consoles sometime next month.


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