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Penny-Arcade Expo 2009 Co-Optimus Coverage

The Co-Optimus staff is descending upon Seattle, Washington to cover the biggest gaming show in North America, and we're going to bring you all the gaming coverage you can handle right here!  Even better - we're giving away an Xbox 360 console to celebrate!

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B.Y.O.B. Co-op

While we at Co-Optimus do not generally condone the act of competitive gaming, which, by definition allows you to dominate another player; there is a kind of co-op that does include domination, one we would like to paste a label on. This type of co-op can, if used correctly, be used against that game-hog sibling, spouse or significant other. Co-optimus would like to proudly introduce: B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bitch) co-op gaming. We've looked at a few examples of games that created the B.Y.O.B. co-op genre, all the way back to the days of the Sega Genesis, and culminate the list with recent entries on systems like the Xbox 360 and Wii.

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`Splosion Man Title Update is Live, Contest is Soon, PAX Goodies for Sale

If you're fixing for some Splodin, you might notice a title update when `Splosion Man fires up.  Great you're thinking, finally the avatar awards and fixed lag issues are taken care of.  Sorry, no awards here, no lag fix to see.  Instead the update fixes a leaderboard exploit and clears off some cheaters who abused it to get obscene high scores.  This might be why your co-op score pales in comparison to quite a few people out there.

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PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.0 is Live

The PlayStation 3 Firmware update has just gone live, bringing the system's XMB interface to version 3.0.  With it you'll get a “What’s New” section, a redesigned status indicator and Friends List, and support for new avatars and dynamic themes.

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PAX 2009 is Sold Out

Thinking of heading to Seattle this weekend for the Penny-Arcade Expo?  Don't have a ticket yet?  I'm sorry to inform you that you are out of luck then as the show is 100% completely SOLD OUT. For the first time ever the show, which takes place at the Washington State Convention Center, sold as many tickets as they were legally allowed to do fire restrictions and code BEFORE the show even started.

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Co-Op Monthly Roundup: August 2009

Can you believe August is over already?  The kids are heading back to school, the pools are closing up, and soon we'll be knee deep in the fall release of games.  Here's what you might have missed on the site this past month.

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